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Tiruchirappalli/Trichy, Tamil Nadu

Tiruchirappalli is believed to have been named after the three-headed demon Trishira of Hindu mythology who is believed to have indulged in penance and obtained favours at this place. The city is believed to be of significant antiquity and has been ruled by the Early Cholas, Early Pandyas, Pallavas, Medieval Cholas, Later Cholas, Later Pandyas, Delhi Sultanate, Ma'bar Sultanate, Vijayanagar Empire, Nayak Dynasty, the Carnatic state and the British at different times. The archaeologically important town of Uraiyur which served as the capital of the Early Cholas is a suburb of Tiruchirappalli. Tiruchirappalli has a number of historical monuments, the Rockfort, Ranganathaswamy temple at Srirangam and the Jambukeswarar temple at Thiruvanaikaval being the most prominent among them.


Places to See


Ranganathaswamy temple

Jambukeswarar temple

Mukkombu Picnic Centre is a wonderful place for a short visit for people of all ages. Just 18 km from Tricby, it is on the banks of River Kaveri and Kollidam. This region is referred to as the Upper-dam. The park is luscious green with the added attraction of a toy train, merry-go-round for the children and facilities available for those interested in fishing and boating.

Viralimalai: The small town of Viralimalai is located 30 km from Trichy and 40 km from Pudukkottai. It is noted for the Murugan Temple and Peacock Sanctuary. A good number of wild peacocks roam around the town and the temple precincts.

Ponnaniyaru Dam: South of Trichy is Ponnaniyaru Dam. It is 24 km and 9 km from Mannpparai and Vaiyampatti respectively. The dam was constructed across Perumal Malai and Chemmalai. The dam site is a haven for picnickers. 

Kollimalai: A breathtakingly naturals spot near the foothills of Kollimalai about 72 km from Tiruchirapalli is Puliyancholai. It is encircled by green tamarind groves. The perennial cool climate and flowing rivulets draw visitors round the year. A stream cuts through the forest allowing for the growth of many medicinal herbs and serves the purpose of a spa made by nature. The residents of neighbouring areas visit this place for the purpose of taking a dip in its curative waters. Akaya Gagai is a gorgeous waterfall situated in these Kollimalai hills. On the 18th day of the Tamil month of Aadi people gather here to pray to the Water God. It is a paradise for swimmers.

Kallanai Dam: One of the oldest dams in history constructed for irrigation is Kallanai Dam. It dates back 2000 years spanning the Cauvery River and was built by Chola ruler – King Karikal Valavan. The original plan for building the dam was to divert the waters of the Cauvery River to the Tanjavur delta for purposes of irrigation. The foundations and structure of Kallanai are strong and solid. Due to its inherent strength it continues to be in excellent condition and is in current use for irrigation purposes in Tamil Nadu. Modern day dams look up to Kallanai as a model because of it excellence in engineering. This made Sir Arthur Cotton study it minutely prior to building the Kollidam Dam across Coloron River – a tributary of Cauvery River. 

Dargah of Natharvalli
Natharvalli Dargah is situated in the centre of Trichy. It was built a 1000 years ago. Natharvalli Dargah is dedicated to Baba Natharvali. 

Gangaikonda Cholapuram
GangaikondaCholapuram is located in Perambalur district, at a distance of 100-km from Trichy. 

Lourdes Church
Lourdes Church Located just opposite to rockforts teppakulam in Trichy.

St Joseph Church
St. Josephs Church - Trichy, TamilNadu is one of the oldest churches in India.

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