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Nainital, Uttarakhand

Nainital is a town in Uttarakhand and headquarters of Nainital district in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas. Situated at an altitude of 1,938 metres (6,358 ft) above sea level, Nainital is set in a valley containing a pear-shaped lake, approximately two miles in circumference, and surrounded by mountains, of which the highest are Naina (2,615 m (8,579 ft)) on the north, Deopatha (2,438 m (7,999 ft)) on the west, and Ayarpatha (2,278 m (7,474 ft)) on the south. From the tops of the higher peaks, "magnificent views can be obtained of the vast plain to the south, or of the mass of tangled ridges lying north, bounded by the great snowy range which forms the central axis of the Himalayas."
Places to see:

Naina Devi Temple– This is a temple that’s crowded with devotees round the year. Situated just above the Naina Lake it is a beautiful and holy place to be. The ambience of the place is so soothing and relaxing, that you feel as if all your tensions and stress have disappeared and feel very light at heart.

Jim Corbett National Park – Nainital has everything for everyone. For wildlife photographers and wilderness freaks, there one famous place, the abode of the tigers. It is the natural habitat. Best region to explore and flora and fauna that is diverse and fascinating.

Astronomical Observatory – This is one unique place where you get to see a wide variety of binoculars and telescopes, the observatory is a must visit for the stargazers.

Naina Peak – For the panoramic view of the mystic peaks and the breathtaking lush green valleys that look like carpets with beds of flowers.

There are loads of areas in the district of Nainital which are worth visiting. These place include Ramgarh, Bhowali, Ranikhet, Kasauli etc.

China Peak

China Peak which is also known as the Naina Peak is at an altitude of about 2611 metres and around 6 kilometres from Nainital.

Cave Garden

The Cave Gardens is the most recent addition to the grand list of the traveller attractions in Nainital.

Raj Bhavan

Raj Bhavan was constructed by the British as the residence of Governor of the North West Province.

Nainital Zoo

The Zoo in Nainital is almost 2 km away from the bus stand of the Tallital and is at an altitude of 2100 mts.

Tiffin Top

Tiffin Top is a terrace hill top at the top of Ayarpatta hill, situate 4 km away from the central town in Nainital.

Top Kilbury

Kilbury situated at a distance of 13 km from Nainital is an enthralling and attractive picnic spot.

The Mall Road

While you think about Nainital, the very first thing which comes to your mind is very famous Mall Road which is always overcrowded and filled with the tourist, local people, shops, the Lake and the eating places.

The Flats

The Flatts is located on the northern side of the Naini Lake and its actually very famous tourism spot.

Snow View

Located at the altitude of around 2270 metres, as the name suggest, snow view offers a chance to see the snow laden ranges of Himalayas.


Ropeway is among the most famous and liked tourist attractions in Nainital.

Pindari Glaciers

A visit to Pindari glacier is very popular in kumaon and anybody can reach here especially those who love to go for trek.


Observatory is located on the Manora Peak which is merely 1 kilometre from the Hanuman Garhi.


Kainchi Dham is a very small place located around 17 km away from Nainital.


Nainital is definitely a heaven for all the adventure finders.


Milam is a major Himalayan glacier located in Munsiyari tehsil of the Pithoragarh district which lies in the hill station of Uttarakhand.


Nainital Lake is one of the major tourist attractions in Nainital


The Kunjkharak FRH is located on a ridge and surrounded by the hills of similar height.

Horse Riding

If you visit Nainital, then your trip cannot be complete unless you take the fun of horse riding particularly in Mall are which is always crowded by the tourist and local people.

Hanuman Garhi

Hanuman Garhi which is a very well known Lord Hanuman’s Hindu Temple is positioned to south of the Tallital.


Betalghat a sleepy small village in the kumaon region of Uttaranchal, India, it is actually located on the side of Kosi River that thrives in Mahseer on the border of Jungles where the Jim Corbett noticed tiger.


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