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sonipat, Haryana

Sonipat, also spelled as Sonepat, is an ancient town and a municipal council in Sonipat district in the state of Haryana, India.It comes under National Capital Region and is 45 km north of Delhi. It is believed that it was founded as Swarnaprastha by the five Pandava brothers during the times of Mahabharata. Another legend ascribed it to Raja Soni, the thirteenth descendent of Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers. Sonepat comprises 3 sub-divisions namely Ganaur, Sonepat and Gohana and seven blocks (Ganaur, Sonipat, Rai, Kharkhoda, Gohana, Kathura and Mundlana) has been carved out of Rohtak and made a full fledged district on 22 December 1972. Sonipat is the largest tehsil followed by Gohana.

Sonipat was earlier known as Sonprastha, which later on became Swarnprastha, meaning the "Golden City": derived from two Sanskrit words, Swarn (Gold) and Prastha (Place).  Over a period of time, the classical name Swarnprasth's pronunciation degraded into Swarnpath, and then to its current form, Sonipat.

Yamuna River

The river flows besides the rural belt of the city with its holy waters which turn into a Black Nullah after entering the National Capital Delhi. It also acts as a natural boundary also between state of Haryana and the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Mughal Buildings

At the outskirts of the city one can enjoy the site of Mughal Buildings which lie unprotected. Among them is the Mosque of Abdullah Nasir-ud-din, who was a descendant from Mushid of Iran.

Kijjar makkbara

In sonipat kijjar makkbara is the most beutiful garden having very rich historik ledend one came in sonipat must see this. It is reserved haritage and open for public whole year its is very beautiful with green grass and beautiful plants. It is situated in outer of the city in village jatwada.

Baba dham

In sonipat baba dham is the main attractive religious temple it is a religious status symbol of sonipat it is very neet and clean temple having many small temples in it, and also having sani mandir, sai mandir, radha kirshan mandir, shiv mandir and many more. This temple is built in outer of sonipat near kami-bhuri road............

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  1. Nice post!Blending with these ancient remains, thrives the 21st century Sonipat, with it's modern amenities and a faster pace of life. If you plan to set your foot in Sonipat during monsoon, do not miss the 'Ghevar' which is a sweetmeat made from oil, flour and sugar or the Murthal dhaba on G.T road, for a mouthwatering meal of Punjabi food. Here are a few more places to visit in Sonipat that can be explored.


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