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Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

Tirunelveli that is situated on the banks of the river Tambraparani was once the capital of the Pandayas. The history of this town goes back to 2000 years. Tirunelveli district is bounded by Indian Ocean in its South.

The main attraction of modern-day Tirunelveli is the twin temples of Kanthimathi-Nellaiappar dedicated to Parvati and Shiva respectively. Among the interesting sights in the temples are the golden lily tank and the thousand-pillared hall that has some exquisite sculptures. 

The city is also famous for Courtallam waterfalls that are located along the Chittar River. It is said that a dip in any of the nine waterfalls rejuvenates the body and the mind. The water is supposed to have healing properties due to the herbs that grow in the area. 

The great Tamil poet Subramanya Bharathy was born in Tirunelveli only. The poet cum freedom fighter wrote many articles on range of subjects. He emphasized the unity of India in spite of its variety in languages, religions, and cultures.

Places to See:

Nellaiappar Temple

Nellaiappar Temple is one of the largest Shiva Temples of Tamil Nadu and is in the centre of Tirunvelli city. It is a twin temple dedicated to Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva and has two towers (gopurams) built according to the rules laid down in the agama sastras by Rama Pandyan. The temple dates back to 700 AD and contains inscriptions made around 950 AD. The Sangili Mandapam, a big terraced hall, linking the two temples, was built in the 17th century, as were the towers. Vishnu and Agastya are believed to have worshipped Shiva here.

Sri Varadharaja Perumal Kovil

Sri Varadharaja Perumal Kovil is situated in Tirunelveli Junction, on the banks of the perennial river Thamirabarani. It is an ancient and reputed Vishnu temple. Tenkasi is a great city of nellai. it contains a kasiviswanathar temple.

Mela Thiruvenkatanathapuram temple

The Mela Thiruvenkatanathapuram temple is located 7 to 10 km south west of Tirunelveli, on the banks of perennial river Thamirabarani. Also known as Thirunankovil, it has Lord Srinivasa as the deity.

Keezha Thirupathi

It resembles the thirupathi. Near this temple about ¼ Km., to the east lies the “taen kalahasthi” temple which crowns Lord Shiva. First Lord Shiva is prayed followed by varadharaja perumal and then the "taen thirupathi perumal".

Sankaran Koil

Sankaran Koil is situated 56 kilometers North of Tirunelveli. The place is famous for the Chariot Festival in Adithabasu Vizha that is celebrated in the month of July. Lacs of people flock to this place on this occasion.


Kutrallam, which is popularly called the "Spa of the south", is situated at an elevation of about 170 m high, on the Western Ghats. This is not only a tourist spot but also a health resort. The waterfall has medicinal properties to cure physical ailments.


Papanasam is located 60 kilometers from Tirunelveli. The famous Shiva temple is located at the bottom of Western Ghats that is very near to the origin of the River Tambraparani. The place is also famous for the Chitrai Vishu festival that is celebrated in the month of April when lacks of people congregate here.


The shore temple here is one of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya and the only one of them to be built on an unalleviated stretch of land. Thiruchendur is believed to be the place where Subramanya offered prayers for his victory. The Skandasashti festival is celebrated in November every year that is attended my scores of devotees.


Manappad is famous for a 400-year old Holy Cross Church that contains some of the fragments of the True Cross from Jerusalem. It is one of the few churches in India that is associated with St. Francis Xavier.


Thuthukudi is one of the major ports in the India. Thuthukudi was at one time known for its pearls and was one of the most prosperous cities on the coast. It is still a major pearl fishing center in India though the city has lost much of its splendors.

Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary

Although this sanctuary is a Project Tiger Reserve you are likely to sight other animals like the leopard, sambhar, sloth bear and the chital apart from a wide variety of Indian primates including the bonnet macaque, common langur, Nilgiri langur and lion-tailed macaque.

Agasthiyar Temple and fall

This temple adjoining the falls named Agasthiyar falls is one of the most visited tourist spot in the city. The place can be reached through a 3-hour trek.

Kalakadu Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is very popular with botanists and ornithologists as it has a great variety of fauna and bird life. Among the animals that roam here are tiger, panther, jackal and wild dogs while reptile population includes cobra, python and several other snakes.

Kunthakulam Bird Sanctury

It is situated 33 kilometers south of Thirunelveli. Kunthakulam is actually a small and natural scenic village. This village is covered with natural forest and ponds. During winter every year more than 10 thousand birds from various countries like Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Australia migrate here.

Bharathar Ovari

Bharathar Ovari is a Roman Catholic Center where one can visit an ancient church. The annual carnival is celebrated for ten days in the middle of January when lacks of pilgrims congregate here............

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