Thursday, 25 August 2011

Abbott Mount

This beautiful hamlet of Abbot Mount is situated approximately 8 km away from Lohaghat, in the Champawat district of Uttarakhand. A less exploited destination, it is very calm and serene region, far away from the maddening crowds and hullabaloo of cities. Situated at a height of approximately 2001 meters, in the eastern side of Champawat, this area gives awe-inspiring panoramic views of the 600 km-long Himalayan ranges like Nanda Devi and Panchauli. 

In Abbot Mount, there is a famous bungalow built by Mr. Abbot, in 1914, amidst the dense forests of oak and deodar. It is after this bungalow only that the place is named ‘Abbot Mount’. Today, the place stands adorned with a number of magnificent colonial architectural bungalows, built during the British Raj. In order to give a boost to the tourism here, various activities and games are held close to the field situated at the Mount. One of the most popular sports is trekking. 

On the hill top of Mount Abbot, there are two places surely worth a visit, a quaint and beautiful church set amidst the forest and an old cricket pitch with an unparalleled view of the mountains. The place is an ideal destination for those who want to spend their holiday in serene silence amidst nature. Abbot Mount is also frequented by the enthusiasts of Mahaseer fishing, a type of fishing popular in nearby city of Pancheshwar, at the confluence of Saryu and Mahkali rivers............

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