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A place blessed with red-sandstone cliffs and emerald-green coppices, Panchmarhi is a magnificent work of art. It stands tall as being the only hill resort in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh. A summer retreat during the days of the British regime, the place today embraces tourists from every alcove of India. With its jutting peaks, lush glades, cascading falls and unfathomable ravines, the splendor of this hill resort remains enviable. In fact, the beauty of Pachmarhi has played a pivotal role in augmenting travel and tourism in the state.

This little oasis of warmth, placidity and beauty is set against the jagged backdrop of the Satpura mountain ranges and is elevated at a height of 3,350 ft. As far as mythological legends are concerned, Pachmarhi is believed to have borrowed its name from the Panch Marha (five caves) in the region. These caves are said to have served as the abode of the five Pandava brothers during their period of exile and form an important tourist draw of the place. Even in the cave sanctuaries of Mahadeo hills of Panchmarhi, antique rock paintings remain treasured. All these make the place a rich archaeological treasure trove.

Complementing the luxuriant showers of nature and archaeological wonders; ancient monuments, dating back to the colonial era, also lace the landscape of Panchmarhi. The place owes its discovery to Captain James Forsyth of the Bengal Lancers, whose pioneering work made it a health sanatorium and a summer retreat of the Central province in British India. The legacies of British, in the form of churches & cemeteries, magnify the otherwise quintessential beauty of the place. From newly wed honeymooners to elderly couples, the place today awes and hypnotizes all who saunters to its lap.

With a landscape that dishes out so many wonders, the beauty of Pachmarhi today is equated with the hill stations of the Himalayas. Nevertheless, what makes this paradisiacal place unique is its virginal air that has still eluded commercialism. One can indulge in the true mountain spirit, without getting assaulted with the cacophony of a city life. Its winding tracks that cut across thickets of sal, bamboo and teak trees provide travelers with adventurous trekking opportunities. Scaling its mountains and dipping in its sparkling ponds are a few activities...........

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