Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Church of Our Lady of Rosary, Old Goa

Located atop the Monte Santo or the Holy Hill, the Church of Our Lady of Rosary is the oldest surviving Church in Goa. The church stands on the site of Portuguese leader Alfonso de Albuquerque's victory over the armies of Bijapur Sultan in 1510. In fact the Lady of Rosary church is believed to be built by de Albuquerque as a sign of gratitude for his victory. 

Since its inception the church has been under the guardianship of the Franciscans. The Church of Our Lady of Rosary was revered by the public as it was here that St. Francis Xavier used to preach catechism every evening. The church is a fine specimen of the "Manueline" style of architecture, named after King Emmanuel of Portugal. This style is a confluence of Gothic and Renaissance architecture and is exclusive to Portugal of that time.

The principal altar of the Lady of Rosary church bears the image of Nossa Senhora de Rozario or Our Lady of the Rosary. The tombstone of Garcia de Sa, one of the earlier Governors of Goa, lies in front of the altar. The architecture of the church gives the impression of a fortress with windows near the roof and rounded towers............


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