Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ponda Excursions

Sprawling over a nine acre hillock at Loutulim in South Goa, the Ancestral Goa project is an effort to recreate the rural life of Goa as it had existed in the days of yore. Essentially a miniature Goan village, Ancestral Goa is the culmination of the dream and singular efforts of Goan artist, Maendra J. Alvares.

Sprawling over an expanse of 20 km, Colva beach is the longest beach in Goa. Miles of golden sand and shades of palm trees conspire to unfold an enchanting landscape all around. In contrast to overcrowded beaches like Anjuna or Miramar brimming with locals and tourists, the Colva beach comes as a pleasant surprise with its laidback ambience and relatively sparse crowd.

Located at the Cortalim village, Mormugao taluka, the waters of the Kesarval spring are renowned for having medicinal properties. Because of the supposed curative nature of the spring water, people from the neighboring areas and faraway places flock the Kesarval spring to purge their ailments with a bath in the spring's healing waters............

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