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Faridkot, Punjab

Faridkot is a small city in Faridkot district in the state of Punjab, India.It's a division with headquarter at Faridkot consists of three Districts Faridkot, Bathinda and Mansa. There are 8 Sub Divisions, 8 Tehsils and 9 Sub-Tehsils within these Districts. This town is about 20 km south of Ferozpur and 70 km north of Bathinda. It is connected by metalled roads with Ferozepur, Zira, Kotkapura and via Kotkapura with Moga, Muktsar, Jaitu and Bathinda. It is situated on Bathinda-Ferozepur railway section.

Faridkot is stated to have been founded by Faja Mokalsi some 700 years ago. He named it Mokal Har and built a fort here. Mukalsi was constructing or perhaps carrying out its repairs, when Baba Farid, the Saint was forced to work on its as a labourer. The story goes that it was noticed that the basket full of mud which the Saint was supposed to carry on his head did not rest on the head but kept about a feet higher, thereby giving no burden to the Saint. This miracle brought the Raja to his knees and he begged pardon of the Saint.

The people of Faridkot originally used to live in the fort, but in 1873, a town was laid out beyond its walls and the people were settled there. In 1885, bazars, were built on an improved plan and town assumed a fine look. The succeeding rulers made improvements and additions more or less in a planned way so that the town today presents the appearance of a planned town. The fort and the dera of Baba Farid located just near the fort are the main places of historical importance in the town. The Saint is held in high esteem by all residents and they pay respect at the dera every Thursday.

Places to See:

The fort with its impressive architecture still adorns the city of Faridkot. Its foundation is believed to have been laid by Raja mokalsi, Raka Hamir Singh renovated it and got it extended. Later ruler like Raja Bikram Singh. Raja Balbir singh got constructed many new buildings. It housed the royal Palace. Tosha Khana, Modi Khana & Treasury Buildings. There is a garden within the four walls of the fort. All the buildings are very well build and well furnished. It's not open to public as repair is going on.

Raj Mahal’ (royal Palace) was built during the reign of Maharaja Bikrama Singh during 1885-1889 under supervision of the, then Crown Prince (Later Maharaja) Balbir Singh, who incidentally was the first to move in and start living in it. Spread over nearly 15 acres (61,000 m2), it presented a magnificent look with French design, dominating grassy lawns a mid semi desert area of the State. Its entrance called “Raj Deori” – itself is a heritage building of a vintage and now houses Balbir Hospital.

Darbar Ganj

This beautiful bungalow is a well laid out garden place. All the rooms are finished in the most modern style. The guests from the sisterly states used Darbar Ganj for stay. The building has now been converted into Circuit House.

Fairy Cottage

This cottage is situtated 7 K.M. from Faridkot on Chahal Road. This beautiful cottage is constructed by Maharaja Brijinder Singh in 1910-11.

Clock Tower 

This tower is made at the entrance of the Fairy cottage which is also constructed by Maharaja Brijinder Singh.

Sheikh Farid Agman Purab

Sheikh Farid Agam is celebrated from 15 September to 23 September. This festival starts with Live Theater competition, Qawali competition, other art and culture programs. This is followed up by Sports events such as National level wrestling, Hockey, Volleyball and football matches. Nagar kirtan is held on 23 September. More than 1,00,000 people attend this festival every year.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park

This park is situated in the heart of the city. Equipped with slides & swings, this park provides a beautiful scenery of the sunset in the evening.

Gurdwara Tilla (Chilla) Baba Farid

This is as old as the town-self. This place is situated near the Qilla Mubarak. Baba Farid remained at this place in meditation for 40 days before proceeding to Pakpattan. Besides place of Tilla Baba Farid. A sacred piece of wood with which Baba ji wiped his hands littered with mud has been preserved to - date. Shabad-Kirtan is recited get daily and Langer is also served every day to the people visiting this place. The poor also get daily langer, larger number of people visit this holy place on every Thursday to pay their obeisance to the great Sufi Saint.

Gurdwara Godari Sahib

This place is situated on the out skirts about 4 K.M. on Faridkot-Kotkapura road. It is believed that Baba Sheikh Farid left his godari (Jacket) there before entering Faridkot town. A beautiful gurdwara was constructed in 1982 and a Sant Sarover was later constructed at this place. Large numbers of people visit this place every Thursday and also take bath in this Sarover.

Gurdwara Tibbi Sahib

Gurdwara Godavari sar Dhilwan Kalan

Gurdwara Guru Ki Dhab...........

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