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Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Bhilwara is the city in Mewar region of Rajasthan, India. When Arjuna was going to Dwarika with all Gopis during Mahabharata period. He was passing through the present Bhilwara region. There was a war of Arjuna & Bhils. Local tradition reveals that it came to be known as Bhilwara because it was mostly inhabited by Bhil tribes in old days. These Bhils were eventually driven away towards the hilly tracts and interior places of less importance by the ancestors of the peasant settlers. It is said to have come up in the middle of the 11th century when a Bhil tribal, supposedly one of the first settlers, built a shiva temple on the site of the existing "Bada Mandir" or "Jataun ka Mandir". This is in the area called Purana Bhilwara, the oldest part of the town. If we are to believe this, the town is more than 900 years old. Ironically enough, now very few Bhils live in this area. Another version recounts that the present Bhilwara city had a mint where coins known as 'BHILADI' were minted and from this denomination was derived the name of the district. A town nearby the city named "Mandal" is assumed to be the base of the Mughals when they attacked Chittor Garh, the moughal forces camped near the "talab" of the town of Mandal, ruins of the camp can still be seen there. A tower served as light house was also built on a small hill in Mandal, know known as "Mandara (minar)" this small hill also houses a devi temple. Bhilwara's history can be back to prehistoric period when neolithic culture was flourishing at Bagore village. A pillar said to be of first century BC at Nandsa village is evidence of Vedic rituals and culture. Classical 'Nagar' style of temple architect can be seen at temples of Menaal (Mahanaleshwer), Gurlan, Gadarmala, Momi, Kanpura and Mandalgarh places. Another notable landmark is the Badnore Fort located some 70 km from Bhilwara. It is a seven storeys fort on the top of a hill & built in medieval Indian Military style of architecture.
Places to See:

Badnore Fort: Fort is 70 km from Bhilwara on the Bhilwara Asind road.

Bijoliyan Mandakini Temple: The town situated in the South East of Bhilwara. It is close to the borders of the District Bundi. The ancient name of Bijoliya was Vindhyavali. It is walled with two gates (North and South) and picturesquely situated on a plateau called the UPARMAL. Objects of historical interests are three Saivite temples, probably of the tenth century. A reservoir called the Mandakini Baori with steps, five Jain temples dedicated to Parswnath.

Shahpura Ramdwara: Capital of the erstwhile state of Shahpura, the town houses the headquarters of the sub division, tehsil, panchayat samiti of the same name. It is about 58 km from district headquarters. The rulers of the erstwhile chiefship of Shahpura belonged to the Sisodia clan of Rajputs. Shahpura is a place of pilgrimage for the followers of the Ram Snehi's sect.

Mandalgarh Menal Water fall: The place, situated at a distance of 54 km towards South-East of Bhilwara. It is sub division, tehsil and panchayat samiti of same name. The place is of historical importance because it was the scene of many a fierce battle during the mediaeval times, according to the Muslim historians. The place was taken twice by Mahmud Khilji of Malwa in the middle of the fifteenth century, and subsequently appears to have belonged alternately to the Ranas of Mewar and the Mughal Emperors.

Pur Udan Chatri: It is situated at about 10 km from bhilwara city. It is famouls for it Udan Chatri, Adhar Shila mahadev where a Big Rock is Balanced on a small one.

Mandal: Mandal is around 16 KM from Bhilwara city have the Battis Khambon ki Chhatri. As the name implies this is a handsome chhatri madeup of sandstone have 32 pillars. Some of them have beautiful carving at the base and the upper portion. Within this chatri a huge Shivlingh is Situated.

Harni Mahadev: on the distance of 8 KM from City temple of Lord Shiva under the large Rock is Situated. it have the name Harni on the name of village near it a Nice place for people from the city for outing as it have hills around. on the occasion of Shiv Ratri 3 days fair is held here. near to this Chamunda mata Mandir is there on Hill from where one can have a view of whole city. Dadi dham temple is also there on the way............

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