Saturday, 9 July 2011

Churu, Rajasthan

Churu is a town that is a located in the desert regions of the state of Rajasthan in the district of Churu. The town is situated in the Thar Desert and one can see shifting sands near the town. The town of Churu is famous for its many buildings, especially the havelis that are built in a grand scale and have an exquisite architecture. Many such buildings can be found in an around the town and these are fascinating places to visit. These havelis are decorated with colorful frescoes and murals. The havelis are the signature of the town. Some of the most renowned buildings are the Surana Haveli, Kanhhaiya Lal Bagla ki Haveli and a few others. These buildings are characterized by small windows that number in the hundreds. 

The town also has a fort called the Chur and this is another tourist site in the place. There are many temples and religious sites that can be found all around the town and some of the main ones are Ganesh Temple, Balaji Babosa Temple, Marda Satil Mandir, Salasar Balaji, Dargah of Hajarat Sabir Churu and many others. Jeen Mata and the Sivji Mandir are found near the Kalera Bass Forest.


Places to See:

Churu Fort

Indermani Park

Black Buck reserve Park TAL CHHAPAR

Ramgarh Fort

Salasar Balaji

Balaji Babosa Temple


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