Monday, 9 January 2012

Bindusagar Lake, Bhubaneswar

Lying to the north of the Lingaraja Temple, the Bindusagar Lake is one of the popular tourist attractions of Bhubaneswar. Infact, the lake has been gaining more and more popularity amongst the tourists as a picnic spot. Every year, the idol of Lord Lingaraja (Lord Shiva), enshrines in the Lingaraja Temple, is brought to the lake for a ritual bath. People believe that when a person takes a dip in the Bindu Sagar Lake, the holy water washes away all his sins and he gets rid of all his diseases. 

The lake is about 1300 ft in length and 700 ft in width. The banks of Bindusagar Lake are covered with beautiful stones, which further enhance its charm. The whole atmosphere is so tranquil and peaceful that it immediately revitalizes the soul. The lake serves as a focal point around which numerous temples of Bhubaneshwar are located. There is a very interesting legend associated with the creation of the Bindusagar Lake of Orissa. 

As per the legend, Lord Shiva expressed his preference for Bhubaneshwar, over Benares, in front of His consort, Goddess Parvati. She disguised Herself as a cowherd woman and went to look at the city. On the way, she met two demons, Kritti and Vasa, who expressed a wish to marry Her. She asked them to carry Her on their shoulders and when they did so, She crushed them under Her weight. It was at this time that Lord Shiva created the lake to quench Her thirst. 

According to a legend, Lord Shiva told his consort, Parvati how he preferred Bhubaneshwar/Ekamra thirtha over Benares/Kashi. Upon hearing this, Parvati, in the guise of a cowherd woman, decided to have a look at the city herself. Two demons, Kritti and Vasa, in the meanwhile, desired to marry Parvati. Parvati told them to carry her upon their shoulders and in the process crushed them under her weight. It is said that Lord Shiva, then created the Bindusagar lake to quench Parvati's thirst............

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