Monday, 9 January 2012

Lalitagiri, Bhubaneswar

Known for attracting hordes of pilgrims every year, Lalitagiri is a popular Buddhist pilgrimage in India. It is located in the state of Orissa, around 90 kilometers from the capital city Bhubaneshwar. Lalitagiri looks like a tiny ancient village, which has a lot of greenery and open spaces. Tourism in Lalitgiri is gaining much popularity due to the scenic locales and the magnificent Stupas and ancient sculptures that this site boasts of. 

Lalitagiri has a very rustic look and has not lost its old world charm. The caves, open spaces and archaeological excavation of the Stupas give an entirely different look to the place. The sculptures that have been excavated by numerous archaeologists are said to date back to the 1st century. It has been found out after studying those sculptures that they are related to the Gandharva School of Art. The sculptures reveal valuable information about the art forms of ancient times. 

Lalitagiri has many hill ranges in the vicinity that are the prime locations of several stupas. A giant Stupa located at the top of Pushpagiri hill is a famous tourist attraction and is considered to be a masterpiece due to its Buddhist architectural design. There are many sculptures here that provide valuable information related to the life and culture during the times of Lord Buddha. Thus, Lalitagiri is an important Buddhist site from the point of view of tourism as well as archaeology............

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