Monday, 20 February 2012

Agonda Beach, Canacona

Sprawling over a stretch of three kilometers of golden sand, the Agonda beach is a haven for the loners, the ones always carving for solitude. Virtually deserted all the time, one can enjoy complete seclusion in the Agonda beach. Fringed with a shady curtain of lovely palm trees, one will have only the seas and the sand for company here. 

The all prevailing solitude is augmented by a soothing silence, intermittently broken by the crashing of roaring sea waves. Unlike other beaches in Goa, there is a conspicuous absence of the customary souvenir shops and food stalls. Adventurous souls looking for some nocturnal adventure can hire a tent and camp for the night.

The nearby Cabo da Rama fort is a major attraction for tourists descending on Agonda beach. The fort, now in a state of ruins, houses the beautiful church of Santo Antonio. The village of Agonda is typical of a small fishing village and is surrounded by about 120 acres of forest............

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