Monday, 20 February 2012

Velsao Beach, Margao

Velsao Beach of Goa is gaining more and more popularity amongst tourists every year. The beach is situated on the southern coast of the state, at a distance of approximately 25 km from Panjim, its capital city. With Bogmalo beach lying to its north and Majorda and Colva Beach lying to its south, Velsao Beach occupies a prime location. The beach is visited by almost all the tourists coming to any of these three beaches. 

It is also easily accessible from all the other beaches of Goa, called the 'Beach Capital of India'. Velsao Beach abounds in pristine natural beauty. The soft and silvery sands of the beach encourage you to undertake long, leisurely walks. The cool breeze blowing lightly seems to be kissing your cheeks. The air is pure and the surroundings picturesque. The calm and quiet atmosphere of the beach lets you hear the cooing of birds very clearly. 

Velsao Beach is just the place to relax and unwind yourself. The villages situated near the beach will serve as your perfect window to get a glimpse into the rural life of Goa. Velsao Beach offers magnificent views of the sunrise and sunset, so make sure to be there at both, dawn as well as dusk. You can go for swimming, play around in the water, have leisurely walks or just lie down and enjoy sunbathing here............

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