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Lonavala hill resort lies nestled in the Sahayadri ranges of Maharashtra. It is perched at a height of approximately 625 m and is located at a distance of around 96 km from Mumbai and 62 km Pune. The place is very popular, not only amongst vacationers, but also amongst adventure seekers. Trekkers especially find Lonavala a very exciting destination, as it has numerous possibilities for long treks. A visit to the hill station also serves as an excellent getaway, away from the dust and pollution of cities.

The hill station of Lonavala derives its name from a Sanskrit word 'Lonavli', which means 'City surrounded by Caves'. As far as the history of the place is concerned, it used to serve as one of the important Buddhist centers in India. Infact, the Bhaja and Karla Caves, situated near Lonavala, have Buddhist origins and date back to somewhere around the 2nd century BC. The hill station also formed as part of the empire of Chattrapati Shivaji. From him, it went, first into the hands of the Peshwa rules, and then, under British rule.

Though the place witnesses pleasant climate almost throughout the year, the best time to pay a visit comprises of the months of October to May. In the monsoon season, the entire Lonavala dons a clean and fresh look. The entire valley gets covered in a green cloak, with the colorful rainbows providing the perfect backdrop. Situated in the Western Ghats of India, Lonavala is also known for its Chikki, a sweet made from jaggery, combined with peanuts or cashewnuts or sesame seeds.

Places to See:

Rajmachi Point

Rajmachi Point is situated approximately 6.5 km from Lonavala, on the way from Mumbai to the hill station. Lying just before the point from where the Ghat starts, this spot offers visitors amazing views of the Rajmachi Fort, situated in the valley below. The famous Vaghjai Dari is located here only.

Ryewood Park and Shivaji Udyan 
Ryewood Park and Shivaji Udyan are splendid gardens, which boast of lush greenery. The majestic tall trees and wide open spaces provided by this park make it the perfect picnic spot. Kids love to come here, to run around, enjoy swings and have fun. Situated inside the park is an ancient Shiva Temple, revered by the local people.

Tungarli Lake

Tungarli Lake provides the combination of magnificent surroundings and peaceful ambience to its visitors. It serves as the main source of water to the Lonavala hill station and is also a very popular picnic spot.

Valvan Dam
Valvan Dam is situated near Lonavala, at a distance of approximately 2 km from the town. One of the major attractions of the dam is a beautiful garden, located at its foot. It is the main source of water for the Khopoli power station.

Lonavla Lake
Lonavla Lake lies on the outskirts of Lonavala, about 1.6 km from the town. The natural scenery and enchanting environment of the lake draw a large number of visitors here.

Karla Caves
Karla Caves, situated around 20 km from Lonavala, are believed to date back to somewhere around 200 BC. One of its major attractions is a huge Buddhist stupa, which is more than 2200 years old............

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