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Bundi, Rajasthan

Bundi is a small city encircled by the Aravalli hills on three sides and is the administrative headquarters of the district by the same name. It is an oasis built of stone in the dry Hadoti region of south-eastern Rajasthan. It was home to local tribes, such as the Meenas in ancient times and the land was named after its chieftain Bunda Meena. In 12th century the Hada Chauhans conquered the region and named it Hadoti. The Hadas traced their lineage to the Chauhan clan. In medieval times this kingdom also included the adjacent Kota.

Places to See:

Taragarh Fort

Taragarh Fort is one of the most famous destinations in Bundi . It was built in the 14th century. During the sunset, view from the fort is very beautiful and unique. The fort is the perfect piece of architecture and art. The Bhim Bhurj tower dominates the fort and provided the platform for a huge cannon ‘Garbh Ganjam’. There are several stepped water tanks inside the fort. The eastern wall of the fort is crenellated with high ramparts and the main gate to the west is flanked by octagonal towers. 

Bundi Palace

Bundi Palace is one of the attractions in Rajasthan where every visitor goes while spending vacations here. Its magnificent look and vast history makes it unforgettable and attracts people from all over the world. Wooden gate leads you to the Bundi Palace. Beautiful murals draw the attention of people here. The entire palace walls covered by beautiful murals takes you back into the era of Bundi royalty. However, these areas are restricted for public viewing barring the Chitrashala. Photography is not allowed for preserving its originality, because lights of the camera can be harmful for the palace. 

Baoris & Tanks

Bundi is prominent for its baoris or stepwells. There are around 50 step wells, out of which only few have been maintained till date. Most famous among them are the Nagar Sagar Kund, Raniji ki Baori and Nawal Sagar. 

Raniji ki Baori

Raniji ki Baori, set up by Rani Nathavatji is famous for its wonderful carvings and attractive shape. The step well was built in 1699. The temple of Lord Varuna, half submerged in the water of the Naval Sagar (lake) is one of the well-known attractions in Bundi . People can visit this temple by boat, because it is located between the lake. 

Sukh Mahal

Sukh Mahal was built during the reigns of Umed Singh on the banks of Sukh Sagar or the Jait Sagar. The main attraction of the palace is white marble chhatri, which stands in the centre of the roof at the second storey. This is the best place to visit in summers. The palace located on the bank of the lake creates the relaxing environment and people enjoy a lot of its beauty. Visit to this palace is regarded one of the most memorable moments due to its vast history and unimaginable attractions. 

Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri

The 84 Pillared Cenotaphs (Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri), the unimaginable and prominent place is one of the well-known tourist places in Bundi . It is a pavilion supported by 84 pillars, located south of the town. Rao Anirudh Singh built the pavilion in the year 1683 to honour the services of Deva, his wet nurse. This two storeyed structure not only serves as a cenotaph, but also a temple. But with passage of time the value of the cenotaph seems to have deteriorated. The ceilings on both the floors are adorned with paintings of Rajput battles and fish symbols............

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