Friday, 8 July 2011

Tonk, Rajasthan

Tonk is a small town in the administrative block of Tonk in the state of Rajasthan, just 96 km. away from Jaipur. In the east it is bounded by Sawai Madhopur district, Ajmer district to its west, Bundi district in its south and Jaipur district to its north.

It is located in the arid and dry zones of the state and is 1462 ft above the sea level, on the right bank of river Banas. Historically it is known that the ancient Tari and Tokra Janpad were conquered by Raja Man Singh from Akbar and was gifted to a local Brahmin in 1643 AD, who later declared these twelve villages as Tonk.

The modern day city of Tonk was established in 1818 A.D by Nawab Ameer Khan and is famous for its magnificent havelis, mansions and mosques. It is also famous among tourists as the 'Lucknow of Rajasthan' and has connection with old Bairath culture. In ancient times, different Pathan tribes of Afghanistan ruled Tonk and some architecture reflects the touch of Mughal period.

Places to see:

Golden mansion or the Sunehri Kothi. It is a beautiful little palace that is adorned with mother-of-pearl and many kinds of precious stones.

Other two places you can tour are the Arabic & Persian Research Institute and Toda Rai Singh.


It is located 15 kms from Jaipur. It is in the western state of Rajasthan, India.While visiting Gaitor, you can see the cenotaphs (chhatris) of Jaipur's rulers. The finest one of these is the cenotaph of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, who was the founder of Jaipur. It is a beautiful structure of white marble that has a splendid dome supported by twenty carved pillars. Other cenotaphs include that of Pratap Singh and Madho Singh II............

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