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Karauli, Rajasthan

The city of Karauli is considered one of the holiest cities in Rajasthan with a collection of more than almost 300 temples. Located almost 150 kms from Jaipur, Rajasthan the city founded in 1348 AD was earlier known as Kalyanpuri, after the local deity Kalyanji. The entire city is protected from all directions by a red sandstone wall. The wall is also strengthened by bastions at various points and gateways at strategic positions. The wall, though old still stands tall and dilapidated at a few spots. 

Famous for its pale red-stones Karauli boasts presence of some very memorable monuments like the famous temples of Kaila Devi, Madan Mohanji and many other historic structures. The countryside at Karauli is worth exploring for the secrets of past which it unravels to the insistent. The game sanctuary also provides an opportunity to board the jeeps and rumble across the safari. 

The Mahavir Jain temple revered by the Jain followers worldwide and the Kaila Devi Sancturary, an extension of the Ranthambore National Park fall within a short distance form Karauli.

Places to see:

City Palace

The City Palace, as it is well known, is an old Palace which is considered the ultimate collection of classical paintings, architectures, stone carvings and lattice works. 

The beauty and delicacy of art work throughout the palace is spellbinding. The magnificent Darbaar hall presents a beautiful and royal picture of the place where the Royals used to meet the commons and resolve the issues pertaining to general administration and welfare. The mammoth size and facilities at the Darbaar Hall are note worthy.

Madan Mohanji Temple

The temple Madan Mohanji is one of the most important temples in the city of Karauli. Along with the Kalyanji temple this is another shrine which is thronged by millions of devotees from all walks of life. The temple is dedicated to Madan Mohanji, a deity of Lord Krishna. 

Kalyanji Temple

The city of Karauli derived its name erstwhile name from the deity Kalyanji. The city was earlier known as Kalyanpuri. The deity has been accorded a place of importance amongst the 300 odd temples scattered in and around Karauli.

Kaila Devi Temple

At a distance of 25 km from the Karauli city sits pretty the shrine of Kaila Devi smack on the banks of the Kalisil River in the hills of Trikut. The temple of the Goddess (Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth) attracts millions of pilgrims every year and the annual fair lasting a fortnight is the main attraction. 

Bhanwar Vilas Palace

The Bhanwar Vilas Palace was constructed to provide a royal residence to Maharaj Ganesh Pal, the ruler of Karauli. The work was completed in late 1930s. The building was constructed as per the taste of the ruler and his preference for colonial exteriors and traditional Rajasthani interior is clearly visible.

Timangarh Fort

The Timangarh Fort named after the King Timanpal is an imposing structure staring down at the surroundings at a distance of around 40 km from Karauli. The fort is believed to have been constructed in 1100 AD, and destroyed in one of the attack thereafter. The fort was renovated in 1244 AD by King Timanpal of Bayana. The fort is renowned for it’s collection ancient ashtadhatu (eight metals) and stone idols carvings............

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